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[ There's a loud BZZT noise. He's been neglecting his communicator for a long time. ]

Seems like the usual happened judging from the posts.

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Anyone want to sign up for training now that the weather's clear again?
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It seems quieter.
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[ The feed's fuzzy for a few seconds, but when it snaps on, there's the view of a white cat. He's enjoying playing with his toys, meowing and pouncing when he can. There's a small laugh as well, possibly from Kai himself.

And then his toy goes into a corner of the room where he chases it. This sort of behavior goes on for a few minutes until the feed times out. ]
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A few hours ago, someone from my world came here. His name is Brooklyn, and his frequency's [Bad username or site: giftofnature title= @ livejournal.com]. Judging from his initial post, he's from when he almost destroyed my world. That said, unless if you like to deal with a mentally disturbed child, I'd recommend you to not approach him unless necessary. On top of that, if he approaches you? Let me handle it.

Furthermore, doctors? Anyone who knows where the chip's locations are? Don't let him get his out. Why? Well, if you like to see Discedo be leveled and taken into another dimension, be my guest, but for the general population, I'm sure we don't need another apocalypse happening in an already shitty city.

Lastly, I'd like to get my chip taken out. I'm the only one for now anyway. Maybe who can take him on, and at half power's not gonna do any of us favors.

If there's any questions, shoot them my way.
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( OOC: There's going to be a comment log following this, so if your character lives in Horton, feel free to find them! Also, this is backdated to the morning. :D )
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If people are willing to trade, I've got plenty of water, food, and other supplies.

Name your offers.

[ He repeats it in Japanese, and then Russian. ]
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So, it seems like we've all forgotten how to adapt here. So that people don't die because of stupidity, here's something that might help.

First thing, learn how to conserve your supplies. Rationing them will work. Even if you're hungry, you still have enough to get through whatever the scientists are pulling. Complaining and whining about a lack of things necessary is your fault.

Secondly, finding food elsewhere. The monsters can be bountiful for food and also supplies, like coats if you know how to skin them.

Heat? Chop down a few trees in the forest and start a fire.

Other things? Quit complaining. If you want to experience what it's like? Go live in Russia for a few years and learn how to brave the elements, then come back to me. Until then? Suck it up and stop complaining. You're in for the long run with how long this weather's gonna keep up. It's better to make the best of a bad situation.

And if you don't read this? Your fault for not taking advice on how to brave the cold.
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[ There's a long pause before the communicator clicks on. ]

It's not so special the second time.

[ Anyone in the hospital, feel free to notice him taking his leave. ]

Five minutes later

... Anyone seen Suzaku?
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[ And there's that lovely little BZZZZZZZZZZT noise, only twice as strong. However, the recipient doesn't acknowledge it. All he goes is, "hn." ]

Still the same old Discedo?

[ And no, he's not saying that he's all alone. No Kinomiya to pester, no Yuriy or Boris. He is secretly FMLing right about now. ]
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[ As one may see in Horton 504, there's a table set up with plenty of alcohol and glasses to go around. He's dressed in this outfit, with black pants. It also seems that there's a makeshift clock to make chiming sounds when it reaches midnight stashed in a corner. Then, in that corner is Kai's plant that has been wonderfully taken care of, and is coming along very nicely.

Want to come bother him on the eve of New Years? ]
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Hn... how mildly inconvenient.

[ Locked to Takao || 78% Unhackable ]

Kinomiya, if you want, my apartment's free. There's an extra room.
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Does anyone have any vodka or alcohol they're willing to part with? I have some supplies, if we wish to barter items. Or hell, cash, if you don't mind yen.

...and also some cat toys?

[ Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Does anyone know what Bakura likes?

[ /Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Hn, the snow hasn't fallen yet. I wonder why.
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--sudden mistletoe?

[ There's shuffling as Kai tries to remove it from the ceiling, but as soon as he does that, he's greeted by a particularly nasty shock through his system. ]

A-Ahh... fucking Discedo--

Hn. This is gonna pose as a problem if Russia can pull off the New Years party. I should tell Gino to not try to eat the mistletoe. Hn, and probably give Kinomiya a heads up...

Tch, I'm not kissing anyone, either, even if more of that happens.

[ After that, the recording times out. ]
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Since it's getting colder, the training sessions are going to be shorter. Instead of staying until 1 PM, you will be dismissed at noon. Considering how Discedo is, it's best to not run yourselves ragged only to get sick during the winter season. Additionally, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about it being cold either, so bring your coats, blankets, whatever will keep you warm and we're good.

Kinomiya, Rei, I'd like to speak with you when you're free.

Locked to Miles || 99% Unhackable. )

[ And then he repeats the first paragraph in Japanese, then in Russian. ]

[...] Oi, scientists. I need parts for my beyblade, plus some equipment to start a tournament in Discedo.
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Almost five months... hn, how has time flown by.

Has anyone had any memorable experiences in Discedo that are of importance?

Private || Off-screen. )
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If there's anything you want me to tag, even if it's two or so months old due to me dropping the thread, feel free to leave the link at this post and I'll be sure to tag you back! ♥

Alternatively, in lieu of LJ not sending notifications and general database fail, go ahead and leave me an IM at Rafflesia Sky, an e-mail at pyrokinetic_maker [at] yahoo [dot] com, or a PM!

This post can go for both of my characters -- Kai and [Bad username or site: empress_angel title= @ livejournal.com] and will be updated if/when I app any new characters!
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Hn. Is it possible to speak with a doctor? There's a few things I'd like to talk about.


In person, of course.


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