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[ And there's that lovely little BZZZZZZZZZZT noise, only twice as strong. However, the recipient doesn't acknowledge it. All he goes is, "hn." ]

Still the same old Discedo?

[ And no, he's not saying that he's all alone. No Kinomiya to pester, no Yuriy or Boris. He is secretly FMLing right about now. ]
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[ When the image stops being blurry and all, there's what looks like to be Kai dressed in hospital robes, as there's bandages tied around his neck, going downward, laying in a bed. He seems to be doing all right, if you can ignore the fact that he does look pretty weak. There's rustling as Kai wakes up, letting out a quiet groan. He looks around at his surroundings, seeing that Dranzer and its' launcher are on his bed side. Sighing, he picks up the communicator, looking down into it, as he switches the communicator to voice. ]

... Mm.


Everyone, shut up and stop complaining. What's done is done, and it's over and done with. Instead of needlessly being upset over things, fix them without feeling sorry for yourself. Yeah, you attacked your friends, your loved ones, but it's tiring to hear you all whine and moan about it. Do something else than sit around and mope, like, oh I haven't the faintest clue...

Man the hell up and stop acting like fucking pansies. Seriously, the way everyone is going about this is annoying.

Then again, not much is to be expected from you, Discedo. You house idiots, so it's natural for everyone to be idiots, even now. So, in a sense, I'm wasting my breath. How typical.

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...Nngh... Why aren't I dead...?


[ There's a long, exasperated sigh and a grumble. ]

Everyone, I appreciate the concern over me, but I'm fine. It was just a flesh wound, nothing more. You can stop worrying now.

Also, Kinomiya? You're an idiot.

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[ The communicator's view is shown at the ground, but there's shuddering breaths and a small cry of pain. Blood rolls down the screen and when the screen's view is changed, Kai's clothes, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, are covered in dirt and blood. His hair's messy and riddled with sweat. ]

... E-Everyone... be on the lookout for a s-small, skinny girl...

[ Kai holds down another wince of pain, but he ends up collapsing to his knees, dropping the communicator. When he does so, there's a nice, lovely blood trail from his chest, in the middle, going downwards. Then, on his shoulder, there's blood going down, as well. He forces himself to stand and grab his communicator. ]

S-She... a-aah... she needs t-to be stopped a-at any cost necessary...

[ As the feed continues, Kai's getting worse. His breathing's raspy at best, he can't hold down his cries of pain and ends up falling a few more times until he pushes himself back up. He arrives at Horton, looks up at the building, collapsing to his knees, then falls face first down on the ground, dropping both his beyblade and its' launcher, as well as the communicator. He shudders in pain once more and a single tear rolls down his eye, though it's not visible unless you look really hard. ]

Y-Yuriy... K-Kinomiya... E-Everyone... I'm sorry I w-wasn't--...

[ The feed cuts out after Suzaku sees her beyblader passed out on the ground, flies down and tries to wake Kai up all the while protecting him. ]

( OOC: Okay, so basically, Kai got his ass kicked by Riful, was shanked as a result and stumbled his way back to Horton. He won't be responding to any posts, though you're free to hear Suzaku's cries for help as you comment. Also, [livejournal.com profile] novaerog is going to take care of responding to the worried comments. )
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So, last night, [livejournal.com profile] novaerog was helping me put my shoulder back in due to me dislocating it from cleaning up the apartment. And, since that pictures say a thousand words and some of you are idiots...

[ the feed switches to VIDEO ]

[ The image looks fuzzy, but that definitely is a bruise where Kai's shoulder was dislocated. It's back in its' socket now, don't worry. ]

[ the feed switches back to VOICE ]

So, there you go. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other things to do.


This may not be the best circumstance to meet up in, but I'm Hiwatari Kai for those of you who don't know me yet. I'll be keeping an eye on you for Ren. Feel free to ask any questions you may want.

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... Yuriy's back, so I'll be taking care of him from now on. Training and sparring sessions will resume eventually, but I want to make sure that Yuriy is all right before I leave.

So, with that said, would someone mind giving us at least a few low-level painkillers, bandages and antiseptic? I've got a few wounds on my teammates to take care of.

Locked to Elysia )

[ there's sounds of shuffling, possibly Kai wrapping his wounds up again or something like that, 'cause he jumped from a fifth floor window not too long ago, then the voice post cuts out after that. ]

( OOC: If you want to have your character mention that Kai jumped from that height, feel free. )
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You bring him here only to take him back.

I suppose this place really doesn't bring happiness...
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[There's the sounds of thudding as a fist makes contact with the wall. Meanwhile, Kai grumbles incoherent things to himself.]


[it continues for a few minutes until it clicks off]


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