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If people are willing to trade, I've got plenty of water, food, and other supplies.

Name your offers.

[ He repeats it in Japanese, and then Russian. ]
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[ As the feed snaps on accidentally, the sky is pitch-black, sans for the moons' light. On top of the Horton roof stands Kai, dressed as he usually is, with the ends of his scarf dancing in the breeze. His eyesight's directed at both of Fortuna's moons, almost as if he's staring longingly at them. Over his chest are his arms, tight against his chest.

From one side comes Suzaku, his phoenix. Showing a small smile up at her, he raises a hand to pet her on her back, which Suzaku nudges him with the tip of her beak. The beyblader actually laughs a little, though it's a bit hard to hear.

This goes on for a few more minutes before the feed times out. ]
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[ Kai feels the air around him thicken, although that could be due to how much this city makes everyone paranoid. He shakes it off to continue on his trek to just about anywhere. Suzaku's in the air, hovering over him, and keeping a vigilant eye out for anything or anyone. Kai, on the other hand, has a metal pipe in his grasp in one of his hands. Then, he has his beyblade and launcher in his other hand.

Instead of going out in this in his new clothes, he has the tattered ones on, with his slightly torn scarf on.

Suzaku caws quietly at Kai, who then looks up and assures the vermilion bird that he'll be alright. The fire bird nods, but is still keeping an eye peeled.

How little does he know that trouble will come strike him. ]

( OOC: Okay, for those of you listed here, feel free to jump him! For those who aren't, and still want a piece of Kai, go ahead! Open for everyone! )
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[ The communicator's view is shown at the ground, but there's shuddering breaths and a small cry of pain. Blood rolls down the screen and when the screen's view is changed, Kai's clothes, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, are covered in dirt and blood. His hair's messy and riddled with sweat. ]

... E-Everyone... be on the lookout for a s-small, skinny girl...

[ Kai holds down another wince of pain, but he ends up collapsing to his knees, dropping the communicator. When he does so, there's a nice, lovely blood trail from his chest, in the middle, going downwards. Then, on his shoulder, there's blood going down, as well. He forces himself to stand and grab his communicator. ]

S-She... a-aah... she needs t-to be stopped a-at any cost necessary...

[ As the feed continues, Kai's getting worse. His breathing's raspy at best, he can't hold down his cries of pain and ends up falling a few more times until he pushes himself back up. He arrives at Horton, looks up at the building, collapsing to his knees, then falls face first down on the ground, dropping both his beyblade and its' launcher, as well as the communicator. He shudders in pain once more and a single tear rolls down his eye, though it's not visible unless you look really hard. ]

Y-Yuriy... K-Kinomiya... E-Everyone... I'm sorry I w-wasn't--...

[ The feed cuts out after Suzaku sees her beyblader passed out on the ground, flies down and tries to wake Kai up all the while protecting him. ]

( OOC: Okay, so basically, Kai got his ass kicked by Riful, was shanked as a result and stumbled his way back to Horton. He won't be responding to any posts, though you're free to hear Suzaku's cries for help as you comment. Also, [livejournal.com profile] novaerog is going to take care of responding to the worried comments. )
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--oing with you.


[ One of the many ReDeads going through the city starts to jump them, but Kai moves quickly and fires his beyblade right in its' way. ] Go shoot, Dranzer! [ The beyblade hits the ReDead in the head and just as Kai does that, Takao and him are surrounded by many of them. Kai grits his teeth, sighing. ] ... Kinomiya. Stay close to me.

[ Takao frowns, but he nods, taking out his own launcher. He fires Dragoon, though it's not as strong as it should be. ] Go shoot, Dragoon! [ The beyblade hits the ReDead in the stomach, then joins Dranzer on the ground. ]

[ Just as the ReDeads seem to be closing in at the two Beybladers, there's a loud swooshing noise and the communicator switches to a view of Suzaku, Kai's holy beast. It is a very massive and pretty bird who releases a fireball. You hear that screaming? It's the ReDead's flesh melting off. ] Tch... these guys can't hold a candle to Suzaku. Dranzer! Burning Gigus! [ The beyblade whirs to life around a group, picking up dirt and gravel in its' wake, whamming itself straight at the ReDead's legs. ] Suzaku! Spiral Fireball!

Dragoon! Go! [ Takao's beyblade knocks a ReDead back, but as soon as it does that, a loud roar emanates and a large blue dragon joins Suzaku. It's Seiryuu, Takao's holy beast, throwing the ReDeads up into the air, making them easy targets for Suzaku. ]

[ Kai just stands there, closing his eyes. He's feeding his emotions straight into his beyblade. After he does that, Dranzer mercilessly attacks the ReDeads, leaving hell in its' wake. Then, there's a slight, possibly unhinged chuckle from Kai. Yeaaaaah, beyblading makes you crazy. :| ] This is just too easy!!

[ The fight continues to where Kai's kicking in a few of the ReDead's in the head and generally doing awesome ninja skills. He jumps down and says something about doing a combo attack with Takao. Takao agrees and-- ]



[ After that, the ReDeads that Takao and Kai were fighting are all defeated with the both of them panting. It cuts off just as Kai's leading Takao back into Horton to take care of him. ]

( OOC: Red is Kai while blue is Takao. Both of them will be replying to this post! )
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--now the apartment has to be around here somewhere...

[ Kai's muttering directions to himself, although he barely is visible from the communicator due to the fog. ]

... Now I'm near the warehouses. Dammit, what the hell is up with this asinine fog?

[ The feed continues for a few more minutes, but Kai's determined to do this on his own. There's a growl and a small cry from Suzaku. ]

We're going to get there soon, Suzaku. Just hold on.

[ There's more grumbling as Kai gets lost again. ]

... the shopping district.


[ He switches languages from Japanese to Russian. ] Damn it, what the hell is with this rotten city?! I memorized that map like it's the back of my own hand! [ After that, Kai grumbles and exhales a long sigh, switching back to Japanese. ]

... where's the closest way to get from the shopping district back to Horton? [ You can hear the embarrassment in his voice. ]
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[The video feed snaps on and there's the image of Kai with his beyblade launcher with Suzaku equipped to it. His dark gray hair is over his eyes and he looks like he's trembling with what seems to be unbridled rage.]

Soichiro... I... I hate you!

[The beylauncher trembles in his hands, yet he doesn't pull the cord yet. He's just standing there while taking deep breaths.]

You took her from me... you took Suzaku from me...

[The launcher continues to shake in his hands and he's tempted to pull the cord again, but doesn't. It continues for a good few minutes until something in Kai snaps when he sees what could very well be Brooklyn in front of him.]

... you...

[It's too much for him and he launches Suzaku. A piercing cry can be heard all around Horton as the spinning top is darting all along Kai's room. He's muttering things to himself with his beylauncher clattering to the floor. He clenches his hands over his head, but something... troubling happens. Kai waves his arms around as if he's drowning. The memories of Lake Baikal as well as what Brooklyn did set in and to end all of this?

He lets out one hell of a scream while Suzaku continues to dart around the room, quite possibly worried as hell over her beyblader.]

( OOC: Have fun with this one, guys. I... pretty much made sure to hit all of the bases with this one. :Db )
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[there's the sound of a grunt followed by some grumbling]

...Hunh. This is an absolutely amazing place for me to wake up in. Ruins as far as the eye can see... I can't imagine that many people live in this dump, either. If they do, good luck to them.

--So. The note said "use this." Tch, what use will this be to me? Although, on the slim possibility that someone's here... I'd like to know just why and how I was brought to this godforsaken city without my knowledge.

I wonder if Kinomiya and the others were brought here as well. Knowing their luck, they probably weren't. [sound of a sigh escaping]

... I assume that no one would be able to answer this question, either, but it's worth a shot. When I woke up here, I noticed that something was out of the ordinary. ...Something other than the destruction and mess around here, too. Suzaku was out of her blade.

Is there an explanation for this or is it just a natural occurrence in this weird city?

I suppose the myth about a vermilion bird is true. They really do rise up from the ashes...


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