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Huh...? I - What in the--

[ A pause. Kai holds in a yawn and wipes the sleep from his eyes. ]


Discedo, you're a bunch of bastards. The one time I sleep in past eight, and I'm woken up by the stupid communicator. I used this stupid thing yesterday, dammit!

... Screw this, I'm going back to sleep.

[ CLICK! ]
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[there's the sound of a grunt followed by some grumbling]

...Hunh. This is an absolutely amazing place for me to wake up in. Ruins as far as the eye can see... I can't imagine that many people live in this dump, either. If they do, good luck to them.

--So. The note said "use this." Tch, what use will this be to me? Although, on the slim possibility that someone's here... I'd like to know just why and how I was brought to this godforsaken city without my knowledge.

I wonder if Kinomiya and the others were brought here as well. Knowing their luck, they probably weren't. [sound of a sigh escaping]

... I assume that no one would be able to answer this question, either, but it's worth a shot. When I woke up here, I noticed that something was out of the ordinary. ...Something other than the destruction and mess around here, too. Suzaku was out of her blade.

Is there an explanation for this or is it just a natural occurrence in this weird city?

I suppose the myth about a vermilion bird is true. They really do rise up from the ashes...


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