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[ The feed's fuzzy for a few seconds, but when it snaps on, there's the view of a white cat. He's enjoying playing with his toys, meowing and pouncing when he can. There's a small laugh as well, possibly from Kai himself.

And then his toy goes into a corner of the room where he chases it. This sort of behavior goes on for a few minutes until the feed times out. ]
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[ The communicator falls off of the coffee table that's in the living room with Kai walking over to the door, since he heard something. Upon opening the door, he sees a pile of new clothes, a big box of blue face paint, and a long black and red jacket.

However, there's a bit of rustling and a cat comes out of the pile of clothing with Kai pleasantly surprised. The cat looks up to Kai meowing with Kai reaching his hand out to let the cat sniff it. After a few minutes, the cat rubs his head against Kai's hand and starts to purr. Kai smiles a little bit and starts to pet the cat in front of him in which the cat starts to play with Kai's hand. ]

... Come on, let's get you some food.

[ Kai gathers all of the clothing and paint in his arms, then the cat starts to follow him inside. It shows Kai getting some meat and water from a storage room when the feed cuts out. ]


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