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Anyone want to sign up for training now that the weather's clear again?
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Since it's getting colder, the training sessions are going to be shorter. Instead of staying until 1 PM, you will be dismissed at noon. Considering how Discedo is, it's best to not run yourselves ragged only to get sick during the winter season. Additionally, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about it being cold either, so bring your coats, blankets, whatever will keep you warm and we're good.

Kinomiya, Rei, I'd like to speak with you when you're free.

Locked to Miles || 99% Unhackable. )

[ And then he repeats the first paragraph in Japanese, then in Russian. ]

[...] Oi, scientists. I need parts for my beyblade, plus some equipment to start a tournament in Discedo.
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You know, if people wanted to break in, you could at least give me a challenge.


It's been some time since I did those training sessions, isn't it? What days are everyone good with so that I know when to hold them again?
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... That was refreshing. I should train more often like that.

( OOC: If you want your character to notice Kai when he's returning to his room, feel free. He has new scratches and cuts on his arms, legs and a few on his chest, and the sweatpants and t-shirt he left with are slightly torn in a few areas.

In short? His own training sessions are brutal. |Db )
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I'll be training for the next few days.

If people need me, don't wait up. I'll return in one piece.
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So, we're all sane now, right? Good.

Training's going to start tomorrow morning by the warehouses for those interested.

New people can join in on this too.

Oh, and don't expect me to go easy on you.
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Who's up for some training in a few days?

... If others are interested, you're free to join. It'll probably be located near the warehouses.


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