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[ And there's that lovely little BZZZZZZZZZZT noise, only twice as strong. However, the recipient doesn't acknowledge it. All he goes is, "hn." ]

Still the same old Discedo?

[ And no, he's not saying that he's all alone. No Kinomiya to pester, no Yuriy or Boris. He is secretly FMLing right about now. ]
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Hn... how mildly inconvenient.

[ Locked to Takao || 78% Unhackable ]

Kinomiya, if you want, my apartment's free. There's an extra room.
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Since it's getting colder, the training sessions are going to be shorter. Instead of staying until 1 PM, you will be dismissed at noon. Considering how Discedo is, it's best to not run yourselves ragged only to get sick during the winter season. Additionally, I don't want to hear anyone complaining about it being cold either, so bring your coats, blankets, whatever will keep you warm and we're good.

Kinomiya, Rei, I'd like to speak with you when you're free.

Locked to Miles || 99% Unhackable. )

[ And then he repeats the first paragraph in Japanese, then in Russian. ]

[...] Oi, scientists. I need parts for my beyblade, plus some equipment to start a tournament in Discedo.
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... hey, Kinomiya.

When you see this, I've got something for you.

[...] I'll bring it over.
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[ As the feed begins, there's labored breathing, followed by a few grunts. ]

Had... enough, Kinomiya?

N-No... not yet, Kai!

Looks like I'll have to beat it in you that I'll always be the best!

Hah. You can try as hard as you can, Kai! I can handle anything you throw at me!

Is that so? [ He chuckles before there's more panting and grunting. ]

Yes! [ Takao pants with a small yell and a groan. ]

[ After a while, the feed goes quiet with more panting, screaming and groaning. ]

H-Had enough...?

N-No... N-Not until you've had enough f-first.

Heh... looks like we'll be at this for a while.

L-Looks like it...

Bring it, Kinomiya.

I will, Kai!

[ After that, the feed times out. ]

( OOC: Red is Kai while blue is Takao! )
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If one were to get a cake, how would they go about it?

Same as gifts. I'm sure there isn't a lot one can do in regards to that, considering where we are, but let's speak hypothetically.

( OOC: After this post. )
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Kinomiya, Rei, Rin, I want you in my apartment now. Don't ask me why. Just do it.

Furthermore, for those of you who are sane, let me know so that I can keep count. Those of you who aren't, don't even bother.
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...Nngh... Why aren't I dead...?


[ There's a long, exasperated sigh and a grumble. ]

Everyone, I appreciate the concern over me, but I'm fine. It was just a flesh wound, nothing more. You can stop worrying now.

Also, Kinomiya? You're an idiot.

Locked to Kai's Teammates/Friends )

Locked to Yuriy )
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[ The communicator's view is shown at the ground, but there's shuddering breaths and a small cry of pain. Blood rolls down the screen and when the screen's view is changed, Kai's clothes, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, are covered in dirt and blood. His hair's messy and riddled with sweat. ]

... E-Everyone... be on the lookout for a s-small, skinny girl...

[ Kai holds down another wince of pain, but he ends up collapsing to his knees, dropping the communicator. When he does so, there's a nice, lovely blood trail from his chest, in the middle, going downwards. Then, on his shoulder, there's blood going down, as well. He forces himself to stand and grab his communicator. ]

S-She... a-aah... she needs t-to be stopped a-at any cost necessary...

[ As the feed continues, Kai's getting worse. His breathing's raspy at best, he can't hold down his cries of pain and ends up falling a few more times until he pushes himself back up. He arrives at Horton, looks up at the building, collapsing to his knees, then falls face first down on the ground, dropping both his beyblade and its' launcher, as well as the communicator. He shudders in pain once more and a single tear rolls down his eye, though it's not visible unless you look really hard. ]

Y-Yuriy... K-Kinomiya... E-Everyone... I'm sorry I w-wasn't--...

[ The feed cuts out after Suzaku sees her beyblader passed out on the ground, flies down and tries to wake Kai up all the while protecting him. ]

( OOC: Okay, so basically, Kai got his ass kicked by Riful, was shanked as a result and stumbled his way back to Horton. He won't be responding to any posts, though you're free to hear Suzaku's cries for help as you comment. Also, [livejournal.com profile] novaerog is going to take care of responding to the worried comments. )
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It seems a bit too quiet lately.

... Huh. Fog cleared up, that's good.

Kinomiya, you owe me a beybattle. Tomorrow morning sound good for you?

Oh, and if people want to come spectate, feel free.
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--oing with you.


[ One of the many ReDeads going through the city starts to jump them, but Kai moves quickly and fires his beyblade right in its' way. ] Go shoot, Dranzer! [ The beyblade hits the ReDead in the head and just as Kai does that, Takao and him are surrounded by many of them. Kai grits his teeth, sighing. ] ... Kinomiya. Stay close to me.

[ Takao frowns, but he nods, taking out his own launcher. He fires Dragoon, though it's not as strong as it should be. ] Go shoot, Dragoon! [ The beyblade hits the ReDead in the stomach, then joins Dranzer on the ground. ]

[ Just as the ReDeads seem to be closing in at the two Beybladers, there's a loud swooshing noise and the communicator switches to a view of Suzaku, Kai's holy beast. It is a very massive and pretty bird who releases a fireball. You hear that screaming? It's the ReDead's flesh melting off. ] Tch... these guys can't hold a candle to Suzaku. Dranzer! Burning Gigus! [ The beyblade whirs to life around a group, picking up dirt and gravel in its' wake, whamming itself straight at the ReDead's legs. ] Suzaku! Spiral Fireball!

Dragoon! Go! [ Takao's beyblade knocks a ReDead back, but as soon as it does that, a loud roar emanates and a large blue dragon joins Suzaku. It's Seiryuu, Takao's holy beast, throwing the ReDeads up into the air, making them easy targets for Suzaku. ]

[ Kai just stands there, closing his eyes. He's feeding his emotions straight into his beyblade. After he does that, Dranzer mercilessly attacks the ReDeads, leaving hell in its' wake. Then, there's a slight, possibly unhinged chuckle from Kai. Yeaaaaah, beyblading makes you crazy. :| ] This is just too easy!!

[ The fight continues to where Kai's kicking in a few of the ReDead's in the head and generally doing awesome ninja skills. He jumps down and says something about doing a combo attack with Takao. Takao agrees and-- ]



[ After that, the ReDeads that Takao and Kai were fighting are all defeated with the both of them panting. It cuts off just as Kai's leading Takao back into Horton to take care of him. ]

( OOC: Red is Kai while blue is Takao. Both of them will be replying to this post! )
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[ There's a bunch of static, followed by sounds of light conversation. More static, followed by grumbling and a rather loud flop on to a bed. ]

--p░░░░ple are ab░░░░░░░ idiots, especially K░░░░miya.

[ the feed switches to text next ]

To the ones who thought it was a brilliant damn idea to go play ghost or whatever game it was, well you did your job and you did it pretty well, enough to cause someone to get a nightmare. Really, pat yourselves on the back and give yourself a cookie while you're at it, since that had to take skill. [ He's completely sarcastic here, even if he's not voicing it. ]

Next time, think about what will happen to those who have been through a lot, you imbeciles.
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... Yuriy's back, so I'll be taking care of him from now on. Training and sparring sessions will resume eventually, but I want to make sure that Yuriy is all right before I leave.

So, with that said, would someone mind giving us at least a few low-level painkillers, bandages and antiseptic? I've got a few wounds on my teammates to take care of.

Locked to Elysia )

[ there's sounds of shuffling, possibly Kai wrapping his wounds up again or something like that, 'cause he jumped from a fifth floor window not too long ago, then the voice post cuts out after that. ]

( OOC: If you want to have your character mention that Kai jumped from that height, feel free. )
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... My vacation is over.

So, Discedo. How does a word game sound?


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