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( OOC: There's going to be a comment log following this, so if your character lives in Horton, feel free to find them! Also, this is backdated to the morning. :D )
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If people are willing to trade, I've got plenty of water, food, and other supplies.

Name your offers.

[ He repeats it in Japanese, and then Russian. ]
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So, it seems like we've all forgotten how to adapt here. So that people don't die because of stupidity, here's something that might help.

First thing, learn how to conserve your supplies. Rationing them will work. Even if you're hungry, you still have enough to get through whatever the scientists are pulling. Complaining and whining about a lack of things necessary is your fault.

Secondly, finding food elsewhere. The monsters can be bountiful for food and also supplies, like coats if you know how to skin them.

Heat? Chop down a few trees in the forest and start a fire.

Other things? Quit complaining. If you want to experience what it's like? Go live in Russia for a few years and learn how to brave the elements, then come back to me. Until then? Suck it up and stop complaining. You're in for the long run with how long this weather's gonna keep up. It's better to make the best of a bad situation.

And if you don't read this? Your fault for not taking advice on how to brave the cold.
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[when the communicator flicks on, there's an image of Kai wrapped in blankets and in a corner of his bed. He's shivering just a bit, but he's fine until there's a horrible sound of retching and he ends up throwing up in what appears to be a bucket.]

...what a fantastic way to be welcomed here...

[he sniffles and coughs a bit, then flops down on the side of his bed before pulling the covers over him a bit tighter]

...Tch, now this is becoming annoying and unnecessary. It's not exactly showing me a lot of reasons to want to stay here.
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[as the communicator clicks on, there's a sound of rather horrible coughing, followed by a sneeze]

... Dammit... I know it's cold due to the snow, but this is ridiculous...

[sniffles and lets out a harsher cough]

... Does anyone have any soup?


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