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So, it seems like we've all forgotten how to adapt here. So that people don't die because of stupidity, here's something that might help.

First thing, learn how to conserve your supplies. Rationing them will work. Even if you're hungry, you still have enough to get through whatever the scientists are pulling. Complaining and whining about a lack of things necessary is your fault.

Secondly, finding food elsewhere. The monsters can be bountiful for food and also supplies, like coats if you know how to skin them.

Heat? Chop down a few trees in the forest and start a fire.

Other things? Quit complaining. If you want to experience what it's like? Go live in Russia for a few years and learn how to brave the elements, then come back to me. Until then? Suck it up and stop complaining. You're in for the long run with how long this weather's gonna keep up. It's better to make the best of a bad situation.

And if you don't read this? Your fault for not taking advice on how to brave the cold.
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Does anyone have any vodka or alcohol they're willing to part with? I have some supplies, if we wish to barter items. Or hell, cash, if you don't mind yen.

...and also some cat toys?

[ Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Does anyone know what Bakura likes?

[ /Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Hn, the snow hasn't fallen yet. I wonder why.
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--sudden mistletoe?

[ There's shuffling as Kai tries to remove it from the ceiling, but as soon as he does that, he's greeted by a particularly nasty shock through his system. ]

A-Ahh... fucking Discedo--

Hn. This is gonna pose as a problem if Russia can pull off the New Years party. I should tell Gino to not try to eat the mistletoe. Hn, and probably give Kinomiya a heads up...

Tch, I'm not kissing anyone, either, even if more of that happens.

[ After that, the recording times out. ]


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