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Kinomiya, Rei, Rin, I want you in my apartment now. Don't ask me why. Just do it.

Furthermore, for those of you who are sane, let me know so that I can keep count. Those of you who aren't, don't even bother.
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[ The communicator snaps on to an image of Kai and Rin standing near one of the warehouses. Dranzer's spinning strongly while Suzaku's perched on the roof, looking downwards at the two beybladers. ]

What really matters about beyblading, Rin, is that it's not the blade that makes the beyblader, it's the beyblader that makes the blade. Now, next question.

[ Rin nods ] Right! Ready! [ She briefly looks down at Driger, who's still spinning rather well ... for now, at least. ]

Alright, next... let's see how good you are, Rin. Dranzer! Spiral Survivor!

[ Dranzer whirs to life and starts to whip and attack at Driger, trying to knock it up into the air. ]

[Rin gasps; wasn't quite expecting that. ] Driger! [ She sighs in relief as Driger's knocked up into the air for a moment, only to land and skid a little before continuing to spin. eyes set in determination, she focuses. ] From behind! [ Driger tries to attack Dranzer from behind. ]

Dranzer! Behind you! [ Dranzer moves swiftly around in a circle and slams right into Driger, sparks flying. ] Good! Follow it up with Flame Saber! [ Dranzer cries out and starts to really give Driger a run for its' money by attacking its' sides almost all at once. ]

[ Rin's eyes widen again, and she just kinda freezes; she knows Driger's in trouble, and is blanking on how to handle it. ] ...

[ Kai smirks and gives a certain look to Rin. ] Are you seriously giving in that easily, Rin?!

[ Rin shakes her head. ] N-Not a chance! I'll think of something! [ It's not quick enough, it seems, as Driger's kinda stopped spinning. She stares for a moment, then facepalms. ] Oi ...

[ Dranzer's still spinning strongly, returning in front of Kai. ] You tried your best, Rin. I'm proud. [ Hey, is he smiling? He is. ]

[ Well, Rin was feeling kinda bad, but she's smiling a little] I could'a done better ...

[ Kai walks over, kneels down on the ground to meet Rin's height and pats her on the head. ] I thought you had me there. You remind me of someone, Rin.

[ Rin makes a bit of a face at the patting, but blinks at that last comment. ] Really?

Yeah. Rei.

[ Rin blushes a little. ] I-I guess that makes sense ... considering ... you know.

Who your mother and father are?

[ Rin giggles and continues to blush. ] Mhm!

... Heh, you definitely are your father's daughter.

[ Rin walks over and lifts Driger from where it had stopped spinning, holding it out toward her Uncle. ] One more go? I can do better!


Okay! [Rin skips over to where she was before and prepares for another battle. ]

[ Kai calls Dranzer back to his hand, walking back to where he was. ]

[ Before the battle is shown, the feed cuts out. ]


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