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[ As one may see in Horton 504, there's a table set up with plenty of alcohol and glasses to go around. He's dressed in this outfit, with black pants. It also seems that there's a makeshift clock to make chiming sounds when it reaches midnight stashed in a corner. Then, in that corner is Kai's plant that has been wonderfully taken care of, and is coming along very nicely.

Want to come bother him on the eve of New Years? ]
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Does anyone have any vodka or alcohol they're willing to part with? I have some supplies, if we wish to barter items. Or hell, cash, if you don't mind yen.

...and also some cat toys?

[ Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Does anyone know what Bakura likes?

[ /Locked away from [Bad username or site: whiteduplicity title= @ livejournal.com] ]

Hn, the snow hasn't fallen yet. I wonder why.
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... hey, Kinomiya.

When you see this, I've got something for you.

[...] I'll bring it over.
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[ As the feed snaps on accidentally, the sky is pitch-black, sans for the moons' light. On top of the Horton roof stands Kai, dressed as he usually is, with the ends of his scarf dancing in the breeze. His eyesight's directed at both of Fortuna's moons, almost as if he's staring longingly at them. Over his chest are his arms, tight against his chest.

From one side comes Suzaku, his phoenix. Showing a small smile up at her, he raises a hand to pet her on her back, which Suzaku nudges him with the tip of her beak. The beyblader actually laughs a little, though it's a bit hard to hear.

This goes on for a few more minutes before the feed times out. ]
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You know, if people wanted to break in, you could at least give me a challenge.


It's been some time since I did those training sessions, isn't it? What days are everyone good with so that I know when to hold them again?


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