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If people are willing to trade, I've got plenty of water, food, and other supplies.

Name your offers.

[ He repeats it in Japanese, and then Russian. ]
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So, it seems like we've all forgotten how to adapt here. So that people don't die because of stupidity, here's something that might help.

First thing, learn how to conserve your supplies. Rationing them will work. Even if you're hungry, you still have enough to get through whatever the scientists are pulling. Complaining and whining about a lack of things necessary is your fault.

Secondly, finding food elsewhere. The monsters can be bountiful for food and also supplies, like coats if you know how to skin them.

Heat? Chop down a few trees in the forest and start a fire.

Other things? Quit complaining. If you want to experience what it's like? Go live in Russia for a few years and learn how to brave the elements, then come back to me. Until then? Suck it up and stop complaining. You're in for the long run with how long this weather's gonna keep up. It's better to make the best of a bad situation.

And if you don't read this? Your fault for not taking advice on how to brave the cold.
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[ When the image stops being blurry and all, there's what looks like to be Kai dressed in hospital robes, as there's bandages tied around his neck, going downward, laying in a bed. He seems to be doing all right, if you can ignore the fact that he does look pretty weak. There's rustling as Kai wakes up, letting out a quiet groan. He looks around at his surroundings, seeing that Dranzer and its' launcher are on his bed side. Sighing, he picks up the communicator, looking down into it, as he switches the communicator to voice. ]

... Mm.


Everyone, shut up and stop complaining. What's done is done, and it's over and done with. Instead of needlessly being upset over things, fix them without feeling sorry for yourself. Yeah, you attacked your friends, your loved ones, but it's tiring to hear you all whine and moan about it. Do something else than sit around and mope, like, oh I haven't the faintest clue...

Man the hell up and stop acting like fucking pansies. Seriously, the way everyone is going about this is annoying.

Then again, not much is to be expected from you, Discedo. You house idiots, so it's natural for everyone to be idiots, even now. So, in a sense, I'm wasting my breath. How typical.

Locked to Ren | Unhackable )

Locked to Yuriy | Unhackable )
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Kinomiya, Rei, Rin, I want you in my apartment now. Don't ask me why. Just do it.

Furthermore, for those of you who are sane, let me know so that I can keep count. Those of you who aren't, don't even bother.
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[ There's a bunch of static, followed by sounds of light conversation. More static, followed by grumbling and a rather loud flop on to a bed. ]

--p░░░░ple are ab░░░░░░░ idiots, especially K░░░░miya.

[ the feed switches to text next ]

To the ones who thought it was a brilliant damn idea to go play ghost or whatever game it was, well you did your job and you did it pretty well, enough to cause someone to get a nightmare. Really, pat yourselves on the back and give yourself a cookie while you're at it, since that had to take skill. [ He's completely sarcastic here, even if he's not voicing it. ]

Next time, think about what will happen to those who have been through a lot, you imbeciles.
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--now the apartment has to be around here somewhere...

[ Kai's muttering directions to himself, although he barely is visible from the communicator due to the fog. ]

... Now I'm near the warehouses. Dammit, what the hell is up with this asinine fog?

[ The feed continues for a few more minutes, but Kai's determined to do this on his own. There's a growl and a small cry from Suzaku. ]

We're going to get there soon, Suzaku. Just hold on.

[ There's more grumbling as Kai gets lost again. ]

... the shopping district.


[ He switches languages from Japanese to Russian. ] Damn it, what the hell is with this rotten city?! I memorized that map like it's the back of my own hand! [ After that, Kai grumbles and exhales a long sigh, switching back to Japanese. ]

... where's the closest way to get from the shopping district back to Horton? [ You can hear the embarrassment in his voice. ]
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Huh...? I - What in the--

[ A pause. Kai holds in a yawn and wipes the sleep from his eyes. ]


Discedo, you're a bunch of bastards. The one time I sleep in past eight, and I'm woken up by the stupid communicator. I used this stupid thing yesterday, dammit!

... Screw this, I'm going back to sleep.

[ CLICK! ]
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[There's the sounds of thudding as a fist makes contact with the wall. Meanwhile, Kai grumbles incoherent things to himself.]


[it continues for a few minutes until it clicks off]
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... Latimir people, if you see a basket of sweets at your door, don't eat them.

They'll make you sick.


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