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--sudden mistletoe?

[ There's shuffling as Kai tries to remove it from the ceiling, but as soon as he does that, he's greeted by a particularly nasty shock through his system. ]

A-Ahh... fucking Discedo--

Hn. This is gonna pose as a problem if Russia can pull off the New Years party. I should tell Gino to not try to eat the mistletoe. Hn, and probably give Kinomiya a heads up...

Tch, I'm not kissing anyone, either, even if more of that happens.

[ After that, the recording times out. ]
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... The city has gotten louder, or it sounds like it has.

Hn. Odd.

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[ When the image stops being blurry and all, there's what looks like to be Kai dressed in hospital robes, as there's bandages tied around his neck, going downward, laying in a bed. He seems to be doing all right, if you can ignore the fact that he does look pretty weak. There's rustling as Kai wakes up, letting out a quiet groan. He looks around at his surroundings, seeing that Dranzer and its' launcher are on his bed side. Sighing, he picks up the communicator, looking down into it, as he switches the communicator to voice. ]

... Mm.


Everyone, shut up and stop complaining. What's done is done, and it's over and done with. Instead of needlessly being upset over things, fix them without feeling sorry for yourself. Yeah, you attacked your friends, your loved ones, but it's tiring to hear you all whine and moan about it. Do something else than sit around and mope, like, oh I haven't the faintest clue...

Man the hell up and stop acting like fucking pansies. Seriously, the way everyone is going about this is annoying.

Then again, not much is to be expected from you, Discedo. You house idiots, so it's natural for everyone to be idiots, even now. So, in a sense, I'm wasting my breath. How typical.

Locked to Ren | Unhackable )

Locked to Yuriy | Unhackable )
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Huh...? I - What in the--

[ A pause. Kai holds in a yawn and wipes the sleep from his eyes. ]


Discedo, you're a bunch of bastards. The one time I sleep in past eight, and I'm woken up by the stupid communicator. I used this stupid thing yesterday, dammit!

... Screw this, I'm going back to sleep.

[ CLICK! ]


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