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--sudden mistletoe?

[ There's shuffling as Kai tries to remove it from the ceiling, but as soon as he does that, he's greeted by a particularly nasty shock through his system. ]

A-Ahh... fucking Discedo--

Hn. This is gonna pose as a problem if Russia can pull off the New Years party. I should tell Gino to not try to eat the mistletoe. Hn, and probably give Kinomiya a heads up...

Tch, I'm not kissing anyone, either, even if more of that happens.

[ After that, the recording times out. ]
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[The video feed snaps on and there's the image of Kai with his beyblade launcher with Suzaku equipped to it. His dark gray hair is over his eyes and he looks like he's trembling with what seems to be unbridled rage.]

Soichiro... I... I hate you!

[The beylauncher trembles in his hands, yet he doesn't pull the cord yet. He's just standing there while taking deep breaths.]

You took her from me... you took Suzaku from me...

[The launcher continues to shake in his hands and he's tempted to pull the cord again, but doesn't. It continues for a good few minutes until something in Kai snaps when he sees what could very well be Brooklyn in front of him.]

... you...

[It's too much for him and he launches Suzaku. A piercing cry can be heard all around Horton as the spinning top is darting all along Kai's room. He's muttering things to himself with his beylauncher clattering to the floor. He clenches his hands over his head, but something... troubling happens. Kai waves his arms around as if he's drowning. The memories of Lake Baikal as well as what Brooklyn did set in and to end all of this?

He lets out one hell of a scream while Suzaku continues to dart around the room, quite possibly worried as hell over her beyblader.]

( OOC: Have fun with this one, guys. I... pretty much made sure to hit all of the bases with this one. :Db )


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