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Name:火渡カイ [Hiwatari Kai]
Birthdate:Jan 1

Series: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade.
Point in canon: Post-series.

Name: 火渡カイ | Hiwatari Kai.
Age: 16.
Eye color: Violet.
Hair color: Light gray and black.
Species: Human.
Nationality: Russian/Japanese.
Languages Spoken/Written: Predominately Japanese, but fluent and literate in English and Russian.

Residency: Horton Apartments: Room 504 with Yuriy Ivanov and Boris Kuznetsov.
Relationships: List here.
Threadhopping/Permissions?: Check here.
Chip: In.

Discedo History
To come.

Mun: Liz/Raff/Raffle.
Personal Journal: [info]advancing.
Contact: [AIM] Rafflesia Sky [MSN] teh_liz_sama [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Email: pyrokinetic_maker [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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beyblade, beyblading, blitzkrieg boys, boris i guess, brood corners are awesome, can i stop, cats, dranzer, face paint, i am the best, i will beat kinomiya, kinomiya takao, looking cool and awesome, my life sucks, my luck sucks, no really i am, no really i will, not babysitting kinomiya, not my father, not my grandfather, not volkov, okay i'm done, scarves, spinning tops=srs business, suzaku, team bba, this is pointless, this is stupid, ugh fml, yuriy, yuriy ivanov
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