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[ There seems to be loud blustery wind sounding and the shaking of windowpanes. A moment after, there's a series of cracks, growing in magnitude until a loud smashing sound resonates. Nearly gale force wind hits and there's sounds of rustling. ]

Gino, get into my room!

[ There's more rustling until they stop for the cat. He's taken shelter! But the video comes up on Kai who immediately jumps into action by trying to work through those winds. ]

[ The communicator is spun around, showing a view of Tohma who's leaning against the window, arms crossed over his chest and deep in thought. The fierce winds pick up, causing the window that he's leaning against to break, which causes him to topple over and eventually fall out of that window. ]


[ Kai skids to a halt, reaching an arm out to catch Tohma while he's using distributing his weight so that he doesn't end up falling himself. ]

[ There's sounds of struggling until Kai manages to save Tohma's life by dragging him in. Just as that happens, more of the windows threaten to break, and Kai takes a preemptive measure to tackle Tohma to the ground, using his body as a shield. The windows break, with glass flying everywhere. They stop breaking and it seems like there's nothing but the wind howling.

After a bit, Kai decides it's safe for now to get up. There's blood coming out of his hands due to the glass being stuck in there. He grunts, shaking his head and getting off of Tohma. ]

Tohma, are you all right?

( OOC: There's going to be a comment log following this, so if your character lives in Horton, feel free to find them! Also, this is backdated to the morning. :D )
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